Vidnami Review: Is the Program Right for You?

Vidnami Review.

If you are playing catch up and just getting into marking videos for your business and you don’t have much technical skills. You are in luck. VIdnami might just solve your video marketing problems. Our vidnami review will also look at the best Vidnami alternative to help you make an informed decision.



Why is Vidnami Great for Beginners?


Vidnami has everything you need to create professional, commercial grade videos for your business. What do you get access to?


> Unlimited access to over 790,00+ royalty free video clips

> Over 125,000 music tracks for your videos.

> More than 112,000,000 high quality images

> Upload your own media

> Choose from over 100+ professional video templates to optimise for Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin and more

> Record your own voice or use the Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered technology to convert your test into speech.

> Use Vidnami’s AI to analyse your text to recommend video and images to suit your video.


You basically get everything at your fingertips except the topic you want a video to be about.


Vidnami Pricing… How much is it?

Is their a discount?


Vidnami is $47 per month, however for a limited time you can get a 25% discount for life by clicking here.


If you prefer to pay an annual membership you can opt into the $397 annual price, this represents a 30% discount to the monthly price. However, going down the monthly option with the 25% discount might be your preferred option. As you can cancel anytime.


Pricing is comparable to similar video creation programs. But its not necessary the price its how much you can make with the videos that you produce.

Does Vidnami Have a Free Trial?


Yes, you can opt in for a free 14 day trial.  It is a true try before you buy product.

Unlike other software, you get to keep all the videos you create in your 14 day trial. Best of all you don’t need to add your credit card on set up.

Click here to access your 14 Day Free Trial. 

Dip your toes in, create some video’s and start your business off on its video marketing journey.

Not sure what type of videos you should create for your business? See below and we give you some idea’s.


What are the Vidnami Alternatives?


The closest alternative to Vidnami is Animoto, Animoto has a Microsoft PowerPoint feel which some users may feel more comfortable with.

As for Price, both programs are about the same.

Animoto is $44 per month, however where things separate the two video creation programs is Animoto has less access to royalty free images, video’s and music tracks. They also include the watermark in their free version, while in Vidnami you get watermark free videos during the 14 Day Free Trial

The good thing about Animoto is the free version you can make unlimited videos and has no expiry.

Vidnami with its access to so much royalty free media and its AI power comes out on top.


How can you use Vidnami to Help Your Business?


Vidnami is best if you want to create the following video’s for your business. You can use the 100+ templates to create


> Sales videos –

> Content Videos (Turn your blog posts into video’s)

> Social Media Ads

> Influencer Videos

> Course Videos


The way you use Vidnami is completely up to you and your imagination.


Can I get any Vidnami Bonuses?


Yes, if you purchase the 25% lifetime discount you get added bonuses thrown in. Some of the bonus’s will fast track your success in video marketing. Some of the bonus’s include


> Ultimate video traffic blueprint (Valued at $49)

> ’21 Ways to find clients’ cheat-sheet (Valued at $49)

> 5 Minute Facebook ad formula (Valued at $49)

> ‘Convert your phone into a pro video camera ‘ cheat sheet (Valued at $29)

> ‘Ultimate YouTube SEO’ cheat sheet (Valued at $49)




Want to see a Vidnami demo?



14 Day Free Trial                            25% Lifetime Discount


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